Come on in. We saved you a seat.

Welcome to the #HockeyPostgameBar, a virtual meetup for hockey fans around the world.

We're all missing hockey and human interaction right now. So what better way to spend a few hours than fondly reminiscing and passionately debating as if you were celebrating an exciting win—or lamenting an excruciating loss—at your local sports bar (all without getting bumped into or spilled on by drunk idiots)!

You'll receive an email with instructions to join our videochat, where every 20 minutes or so you'll get assigned to a breakout room with 5-6 of your fellow hockey fans to talk hockey, life, the universe and everything. That's plenty of time to make a connection but not too long that you feel stuck (though you can leave anytime you like, no questions asked).

And hopefully you'll make some new hockey-loving friends!

We will not sell your info. is fully GDPR-compliant.

Them's the Rules

  1. Drinking is absolutely not a requirement of attendance. We welcome all ages in this establishment (minors must have parental permission) but we don't condone underage drinking.
  2. Please respect each other and abide by the code of conduct. Remember: Hockey Is For Everyone. No gatekeeping. We don't want to have to remove you from the premises.
  3. No pressure to stay in a room or in the videochat. You're free to come and go as you please.
  4. No screenshotting or recording unless you get permission from everyone on the screen or in the room. If everyone agrees, go ahead and post to social media with the hashtag #HockeyPostgameBar.
  5. Come with an open mind to make friends and have fun!

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